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CBD Hemp Tea Flower

Working closely with Swiss Labs and testing facilities, Doctor Herb is proud to present our premium range of the highest quality UK LEGAL CBD Tea and CBD Resin on the market.

Everything has been grown organically under government license and thoroughly tested to be under 0.2% THC (non-psychoactive), which falls under the European Union product requirements, making them 100% UK Legal
Our hemp tea souveniers are named after popular cannabis strains with similar terpene profiles. All of our CBD hemp is harvested by hand and dry cured naturally before they are processed, trimmed and sorted.

Rest assured, we serve only the best at the best prices! We are against people and companies trying to get rich on a wonderful product that should be accessible to everyone. Dutch Coffeeshop quality delivered straight to your door!

We advise against the burning of any herb due to the health risks of consuming carcinogens.

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