How do I know if my parcel has been shipped?

Under normal conditions all orders received before the daily cut-off will be fulfilled and dispatched before 15:00. You will receive an email confirming your order has been shipped with a link to track your order. This link is usually activated by the post-office no later than 18:30 the same day.

During periods of high demand or seasonal holidays we may bring the cutoff earlier in the day and you should always double check while you are reviewing the Shopping Cart in case the time has been amended.

Will CBD help me with my illness?

All our products are sold as food or food supplements. Despite this many of our customers use our products in conjunction with illnesses and we always recommend informing your medical consultant first.

Will I get high?

Simply put, no. The high most people attribute to cannabis comes from a compound found in the plant called THC. This compound is either untraceable in our products or falls below the legal requirements within the UK. The result one may experience from taking a large serving of CBD is relaxation throughout the body but no impairment or change in psychoactivity.

Is CBD legal?
You can rest assured that all our products are 100% legal within the UK and most of Europe.
What is the best method of taking CBD?

Here are 3 things our customers are interested in when purchasing:

  1. Most cost effective: Concentrates, Crystals, Wax.
  2. Fastest absorption: Vapes, CBD flower, CBD hash, Wax (dabbing), creams.
  3. Palatability (child-friendly): Oils, crystals, syrup, edibles.
What are Terpenes?
These are plant hydrocarbons, derived from cannabis, natural fruits and vegetables. Simply, they are the aroma of specific strains of cannabis. Customers who purchase these are looking to get the most out of their CBD products by enhancing the “entourage effect”, a recent finding by scientists in Israel. They are fluid in nature and can be diluted into vapes, drinks, diffusers or even applied topically onto the temporal bone. Certain terpenes are well suited for relaxation, whereas others are more appropriate for energy stimulation.
What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a liquid that typically contains 2 things: a carrier oil (e.g. coconut oil) and cannabinoids (CBD). A carrier oil is needed because cannabis is fat soluble by nature. In order for our bodies to fully absorb CBD, we need an oil to accompany it. The fact that it is already infused in oil and ready to consume with no other steps makes CBD oil the most convenient way to administer CBD.

What is a concentrate?
Concentrates come in the form of a paste, wax. Typically, they contain a higher CBD content than the oils and can be more appropriate for customers looking to take high levels of CBD every day. They tend to not be oil infused, and should therefore be consumed with a fat on the side. This can be done simply by swallowing a tablespoon of coconut oil after holding the concentrate under your tongue for 30 seconds.
What do you do with CBD crystals?
CBD crystals are one of the most versatile CBD products we sell. They are both fat and water soluble, and can therefore be dissolved into drinks, or added to oils for cooking or vaping. They contain only one cannabinoid from the plant, CBD, and are completely isolated from all other plant compounds. This makes them 100% THC-free. If you intend to add them into drinks, simply stir them into the drink of your choice. If you are looking to make edibles, first mix the crystals into your cooking oil, an then proceed with your usual cooking routine.
How much CBD should I take?

Unfortunately we are limited in what we can say when asked this question. This is partly due to the legality of offering such advice, and also because each person responds very differently to different doses of CBD. Here are two approaches you might find useful to determine your dose:

  1. Start off by flooding your system with a high concentration of CBD, and over time decrease your dose. If the desired effects continue to present themselves after the dose has been decreased, it’s likely that you don’t need to take such a high concentration and can continue to decrease your serving size until the desired effects discontinue. At this point you should know what your dose look like.
  2. Start off by taking a low concentration of CBD and continuously increase this serving until desired effects are noticeable. This will help determine what is an appropriate daily serving of CBD for yourself.

The first option tends to be more popular among our customers since they are more likely to realize immediate results with the product.