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About Doctor Herb

Doctor Herb has one goal in mind, to bring the best quality Cannabinoid based products to as many people as possible. Not only do we specialise in premium quality CBD products, but we also have premium CBG oil, which is the next biggest cannabinoid to be discovered and scientific research is showing great promise of therapeutic benefits.

We are passionate about hemp and we believe that everybody deserves to enjoy the health of the mind and body.

We don’t make medicinal claims about CBD or CBG and we sell our products as nutritional supplements to follow strict guidelines.

Unlike other sellers of similar products, we never compromise on safety or quality, we only sell the best products!

Partnered with certified farmers in Europe and USA, all our products are derived from 100% organic hemp grown under government licenses. All 100% Legal in UK and Europe.


the mother of all cannabinoids


CBG is the precursor to cbd, thc and cbc. Its like the stem cell; the base molecule that produces all other cannabinoids. Without CBG, we wouldn’t have the main cannabinoids that cannabis is famous for.

Although cbg is non-psychoactive and has similar benefits to cbd, it is like the parent molecule that produces cbd, so they have different chemical structures and therefore both interact differently with the endocannabinoid System (ECS), producing different effects.



When cbg oil and cbd oil are consumed together, the chemical compounds work synergistically, producing an ‘entourage effect’, which boosts the overall therapeutic benefits. effectively, each cannabinoid’s effects are enhanced when combined.

If you’re not so keen on the typical bitter taste of hemp, you can be rest assured that our oil drops are amongst the smoothest tasting and most potent on the market!




Terpenes are the aromatic constituents of all essential oils found in all fruits, vegetables and spices. Terpenes have their own therapeutic benefits and enhance the effects of cannabinoids. they are a major part of the flavour and aroma profiles found in each cannabis strain. 

Our cbd e-liquid is infused with cannabis-inspired terpenes, so if you like to keep it all natural (without all the artificial food flavourings) and get the authentic taste of famous cannabis terpenes, you,ve found the right place! we are confident that our flavours are the best in the industry and are proud of it!

Is hemp legal?


Hemp is not marijuana. They are both part of the cannabis plant family, but they are different plants. hemp contains high amounts of cbd and next to no thc, so it is not intoxicating (does not get you high) althought it will give you a sense of relaxation. Marijuana on the other hand has high amounts of thc and will get you intoxicated.

as long as thc levels are below 0.2%, it will have no intoxicating effect and falls under the european union product requirements.

doctor herb hemp is grown under government licenses on certified organic farms in europe and is thoroughly lab tested to be under 0.2% thc, making it non-psychoactive and 100% UK legal. All harvested by hand and dry cured naturally before being processed, trimmed and sorted. Dutch coffeeshop quality delivered straight to your door!


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